From the papers of Arthur Clegg of the China Campaign Committee

The Marx Memorial Library holds a wide ranging collection of archives of individual activists and revolutionaries including the following:

- Wal Hannington

- Phil Piratin

- Mary Seaton (biographer of Paul Robeson)

- James Connolly

- Helen Crawfurd

- Thomas A Jackson

- Lawrence Bradshaw

- Isle Meyer

- Arthur Leslie Morton


And campaign groups and organisations including:

- The British Soviet Friendship Society

- The China Campaign Committee

- The British Czechoslovak Friendship League


Many of these smaller collections will be searchable on our online catalogue shortly.

The Library holds a unique collection of pamphlets, all of which are searchable on our online catalogue. They include publications on communism, the Soviet Union, industrial disputes, trade union rights, anti-colonial struggles and the national minority movement. They take the form of information, advice and campaign leaflets produced by unions, campaign groups and political parties.

The majority of our periodicals can also be found on our online catalogue, although this is currently be cross-checked and updated. They include international and British publications dating back to the nineteenth century including copies of Justice and The Call.  

The Marx Memorial Library's poster collection is a unique resource of over 2,000 items. Areas of specialism include the Soviet Union, the Spanish Civil War, Communism, the British Labour Movement and campaigns in the second half of the twentieth century including those against the apartheid regime in South Africa and the Thatcher government in Britain.

The posters are currently being catalogued for the first time, so the true wealth of this resource is only just coming to light.

The Library has a rotating display of its posters outside its Main Hall, showcasing highlights from the collection.

Prints of a selection of the posters will soon be available to purchase on our online shop.

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